Find & connect with top candidates & potential clients 10X faster without wasting hours on LinkedIn

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Where headhunting & business development come together.
A solution for Recruiters to move faster and make more progress than they ever thought possible.

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Stand out

from other recruiters who are also reaching out to the same candidates & potential customers.
In the world of recruitment, your ability to engage with both clients and candidates can make or break your success. The simple truth is, securing a meeting can be the first step to securing a role, which ultimately leads to revenue. However, it's not always as straightforward as it sounds.

Manual LinkedIn outreach for recruitment can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. What it looks like:

Searching for potential candidates & clients
Sending connection requests
Messaging each candidate individually
Staying on top of follow up messages across multiple projects

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed and disorganised? It's challenging to keep track of tasks.
With Candidateflow, we automate the mundane, time-consuming steps for you. Imagine starting your day with all your business development and headhunting activities neatly organised in one place.

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New Way:

Reach more potential clients in less time.

CandidateFlow is a valuable tool for recruitment companies looking to:

Stay ahead of the game in the competitive industry
Attract the best candidates & potential clients
Streamline their outreach efforts
With CandidateFlow, we automatically organise your business development and headhunting strategies. You have a unified place to monitor all the activities happening across you and your team. The result? Increase in booked meetings and of course, revenue.

One simple plan

Grants access to all features. No hidden fees. Cancel Anytime.

Scale your candidate pipeline automation

x10 your candidate flow with personalised and automated message outreach with reply detection

Focus on real interviews and qualifications

Save time and resources for recruiters by automating and scaling candidate outreach on LinkedIn

Get higher response rates

Improve response rates by 20% by automating follow ups and tedious tasks.

/ per month
  • Compatible with Recruiter Lite
  • Create multiple campaigns for different role hires
  • Unlimited follow ups
  • Import custom data for hyper personalisation
  • Bulk Export Candidate contact details
  • Integrate Zapier to sync with your ATS
  • Advanced reporting
  • Manage your recruitment consultants from one dashboard
  • Secure and cloud-based solution
  • 24/7 support
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LinkedIn Recruiter Pro & Lite Compatibility

Leverage your LinkedIn account by outreaching to x10 more candidates

Safest cloud-based solution

Reliable, secure and scalable innovative solution

ATS/CRM Integration

Seamless integration with your existing workflow

Focus on what really matters — filling vacancies.

Set up an efficient and effective recruitment process to find more potential candidates in less time, so you can put your time and energy standing out from the crowd and ultimately achieve greater success.

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